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USAFF sanctions competitions which are run in accordance with the USAFF rulebook, which meet USAFF safety guidelines and which use USAFF movement standards.

In order to have your functional fitness event sanctioned by USA Functional Fitness (USAFF) you must submit a sanctioning application at least 30 days before your event. In order to have you event considered a qualifier to the National Championship in 2018 you must submit your application at least 90 days before your event.  In the application you will be asked to provide information in order to prove you meet the USAFF sanctioning requirements listed below.

Sanctioning Requirements

  • Submit Contact information for event organizer. If you need help with event organization and management we can provide resources to you. Organization and Management Assistance may come at an additional cost
  • Agree to follow the USAFF rulebook
  • Agree to judge movements using the USAFF movement standards contained in the rulebook
  • Agree to follow the USAFF safety guidelines
  • Maintain insurance coverage for your event and provide a proof of insurance
  • Submit a floor plan for the event
  • Submit planned programming for the event
  • Collect waivers from athletes
  • Ensure all competing athletes are members of USAFF
  • Submit emergency, medical, and security plan
  • Agree to submit post-competition information to USAFF such as judging evaluations and results
  • Optional Request to have your event be considered a qualifier to a national championship event (Stricter scrutiny will apply to your application in this case)

You must contact us to receive the official sanctioning application. Once your application is accepted you will be required to pay the sanctioning fee and execute the sanctioning agreement before the process can be completed. For events in 2017 the sanctioning fee is being waived. For 2018 the sanctioning fee will be $125. (Additional fees may apply if you choose to utilize additional services such as programming assistance or event management help).

Benefits of Sanctioning

  • Access to help with event organization
  • Input on programming design and floor layout
  • Access to trained and certified judges
  • Opportunity to have your event be considered a qualifying event
  • Contributing to the building of a united community of functional fitness events in order to help all events grow and become more successful

If you have questions on the sanctioning process or would like to receive an info packet about sanctioning please contact us: