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The USA Functional Fitness National Team is comprised of up to 20 individuals who have earned the right to represent the United States at internationally sanctioned competitive functional fitness events.

Selection to the National Team is a privilege and must be earned annually. In 2017 the first 12 men and women will be selected for the National Team based on their finish at the National Championship competition in September. These men and women will serve as National Team members from the 2017 National Championships until the 2018 National Championship event.

The National Team Coordinator and USAFF Selection Committee have the authority to add up to 8 additional men and women to the National Team over the course of the year based on their performance at sanctioned events or training camps help through out the year.

National Team Members must re-earn their spot on the National Team annually at the National Championships. Selection for the National Team for the 2018-2019 season will start at the 2018 National Championships.

Want to earn your spot on the National Team and represent the USA? Register as a member of USAFF and sign-up to compete at the National Championships today!