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USA Functional Fitness to Hold Collegiate National Functional Fitness Championship

By Announcements

USA Functional Fitness is proud to announce it will be hosting its first ever Collegiate National Functional Fitness Championships February 3th and 4th in Reston, Virginia. The competition will feature both pairs and individual competition in both RX and Pairs Divisions.

The competition is open to any athlete aged 25 or younger who is enrolled in a degree program at US college or university. Athletes competing in the pairs divisions must attend the same school.

USAFF is providing guaranteed spots entry to the pairs competition for the following schools with functional fitness or CrossFit® club programs who have assisted in the initial idea phase of the event planning:

Penn State University
University of Pittsburgh
Naval Academy
West Point
University of Cincinnati
University of Miami, Ohio

The remaining spots for the pairs competition will be open to the public for general registration on a first come first served basis this fall.

Athletes wishing to compete in the individual division must complete an online qualifier beginning in October. Registration for the online qualifier is open now.

Besides earning individual and pairs National titles during the event, one school will be crowned the National Functional Fitness Championships based on a point system for podium finishes. Athletes in both RX and scaled divisions will earn points for their school for podium finishes, though RX divisions will earn more points than scaled divisions will for the same placing.

USAFF’s expansion and focus in the collegiate space mirrors the International Functional Fitness Federation’s (iF3) desire to align with the International Federation of University Sport (FISU) and earn the sport a place at a future World University Games.

Interested athletes can find more information and register for the individual online qualifier on Competition Corner

Individual Sign Up

Team Sign up

2022 USAFF Masters Online Qualifier

By Announcements

2022 USAFF Masters Online Qualifier

USA Functional Fitness would like to invite all Masters Athletes (30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65+) to participate in the USAFF online qualifier to earn a spot to represent the United States at the International Functional Fitness Federation’s Masters World Championships taking place November 18-20, 2022 in Aruba!


The USA Functional Fitness Masters online registration is open until May 23, 2022. In order to limit the number of qualifiers that athletes need to complete, USAFF will use the following workouts from the CrossFit (CF) Age Group Quarterfinals (AGQ) as part of your score:

Endurance Test: Age Group Quarterfinals Workout 5

Strength Test: Age Group Quarterfinals Workout 4

Bodyweight Test: Age Group Quarterfinals Workout 3

Mixed Test: Age Group Quarterfinals Workout 2

If you completed the AGQ, you simply need to register for the USAFF Masters Qualifier and input your existing scores.
If you did not register for the CF AGQ, you will have 3 weeks to complete all 4 tests and submit your scores and videos.

Video Submissions

Video standards listed on the AGQ website will have the same requirements for video submissions.

  • Unverified scores will be posted publicly at the time of submission.
  • It is the responsibility of each athlete to ensure video standards and movement standards are met, as scores may be adjusted and penalties applied accordingly.
  • Videos will be reviewed and scores will be verified by USAFF after completion of the USAFF Masters Qualifier.
  • All scores will be reviewed and verified no later than June 12, 2022.

Register Here 2022 USAFF Masters Online Qualifier

Athlete Selection

Athlete Selection

The top three male and female athletes in each age group will qualify to represent the USAFF at the Masters World Championships in Aruba.


The first round of invitations will be sent out electronically after online qualifier scores are validated. Qualifying athletes will have until June 26, 2022 to secure their spot for the event. A second round of invites will be sent if/when initially invited athletes decline their spot for the Masters World Championships. Any unclaimed spots for the Masters World Championships can then be awarded via at-large invitation.


Athletes who decide to travel to compete at the World Championships, will be required to meet the vaccination requirements as they have been identified by the country of Aruba.

Register Here 2022 USAFF Masters Online Qualifier

Reach For The Rings

By Press Release

Reach For The Rings
The story of the Olympic Fitness Movement
IMDB link –
Genre – Documentary, Sports 
Who has what it takes to be the Champion?

Zach Watts Thumbnail 1.jpg

REACH FOR THE RINGS tells the story of the sport of Functional Fitness aspiring to reach the Olympic Games

May 24th, 2021 – A new documentary film portrays the 2019 World Championships of the International Function Federation—a not for-profit, athlete-driven organization endeavoring to bring the sport of Functional Fitness to the Olympic Games—available now for pre-orders on iTunes & Apple TV.

After prevailing at their own National Championships, the top Functional Fitness athletes from around the world converge on Malmo, Sweden to compete in the 2019 iF3 World Championships.

Over three days, these athletes face 6 harrowing “tests” in order to crown the World Champions in the Women’s, Men’s, and Teams divisions. Each of the 6 tests challenges a different aspect of fitness: Endurance, Strength, Bodyweight, Skill, Mixed, and Power.

The USA Functional Fitness Team are here for redemption after dominating at home in 2017 and facing disappointment in London in 2018. Coach Justin Cotler plans to stage a comeback and sweep the podium in 2019.

Canada’s Alex Parker is here on a personal quest to defeat her “frenemy” and rival, American Jordan Adcock, who lives in the same town, trains at the same gym, and shares the same coach. They’re neck and neck in every test.

The sport of Functional Fitness wants to be an Olympic sport. These 46  National Federations around the globe have banded together in order to “Reach For The Rings” and achieve their Olympic dream.

This is the first film from the International Functional Fitness Federation, produced by Functional Fitness Films, and distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

Reach For The Rings is available now throughout the USA & Canada!  You can watch the trailer: and order using the following links:



Google Play:

Microsoft Xbox:





DVD & Blu-ray




Best Buy:

Barnes & Noble:

Yes Asia:

Nicholas John Nakis

Nicholas John Nakis, Gretchen Kittelberger

Nicholas John Nakis

Alex Parker, Jordan Adcock, Zach Sowder, Matt Dlugos, Zach Watts, Kason Morris, Matt Morton, Maicey McIlveen, Samantha DeCristofaro, Brian Harris, Justin Cotler, James Fitzgerald, Gretchen Kittelberger

118 minutes

Production Company
Functional Fitness Films, LLC

Production Year

Country of Origin

Dialogue Language

Alex Medina (Beats by Medina)

Copyright Holder & Year
International Functional Fitness Federation, LLC 2021

MPAA Rating
Not Rated