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For Immediate Release

May 10th, 2018: USA Functional Fitness (USAFF) will be initiating its efforts in the realm of anti-doping this August during the USA Functional Fitness National Championships. These efforts will start with an athlete education session hosted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) which will take place on Friday August 24th prior to the kick off of the weekend’s competition.

USAFF recognizes that athlete education is a vital component of a good anti-programing, and feels it is critical that anti-doping rules and policies be spelled out and clearly explained to participating athletes. During the in-person presentation, USADA will discuss the importance of clean competition and protecting the rights of athletes. In addition, USADA will cover global anti-doping standards, including the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, as well as some tools that are publicly available to help athletes prepare themselves for future anti-doping efforts. .

USAFF President Josh Plosker stated, “USAFF is committed to not only maintaining a clean sport but also making sure that athletes understand the rules and are fully prepared to uphold those rules. It is vital to us that athletes receive appropriate education before any sort of anti-doping testing begins. That being said, once anti-doping education has been offered, athletes should fully expect that testing can occur.”

USAFF athletes that go on to represent the United States at the International Functional Fitness Federation World Championships in London in October can also expect to encounter anti-doping control efforts at that event, indicating the worldwide commitment of the functional fitness community to clean sport.