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The 2018 USA Functional Fitness Rulebook is now publicly available on the USAFF website at Any updates to the movement standards for the 2018 season will be released in the upcoming weeks.

While the majority of the rulebook remains the same as the 2017 season, some sections have been revised for clarity. The only major change to the rulebook for 2018 is the qualifying process for Nationals and the selection of the athletes which will compromise the National Team and get to travel to London to represent the US at the International Functional Fitness World Championships in October. This is located in section 3.2 of the rulebook. While all athletes should review the rulebook in its entirety to make sure they understand the competitive requirements for sanctioned USA Functional Fitness competitions, below is a summary of both the Nationals qualifying process and the selection process for Worlds.

Nationals Qualifying Process

There are 4 tracks through which an athlete can qualify to USAFF Nationals in 2018:

  1. Automatic Invitation to Compete
    • All 2017 National Team Members receive an automatic invite to compete
  2. Special Invitation to Compete
    • Athletes who showed exceptional performance at an Athlete Performance Camp or in other competitions, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned, throughout the year can be invited to compete by the National Team Coaching Staff
  3. Online Qualification
    • The Official USAFF Online Qualifier will be held June 7th to June 18th 2018. The top 30 individual male and the top 30 individual female finishers in the qualifier will be invited to compete at Nationals.
  4. Injury/Illness Appeal
    • In order to submit an injury or illness appeal for entry to Nationals you must have been unable to participate in both tracks 2 and 3 due to the injury or illness. Please contact USAFF directly if you believe you qualify for an injury or illness appeal.

Worlds Qualification

Since the US is not the host country for Worlds this year we are not allowed to send as many athletes to compete at Worlds as we did in 2017. This year, the USA is allowed to send 3 individual male athletes, 3 individual female athletes, and 1 team of 4 (made up of 2 males, and 2 females) to compete at Worlds.

  • You must compete at USAFF Nationals on August 25th and 26th in Glen Jean, West Virginia in order to be considered to compete at Worlds.
  • The top 3 male and top 3 female finishers at Nationals will automatically earn a spot on the National Team and the opportunity to travel to London to represent the United States at Worlds.
  • Two additional men and two additional women who competed at Nationals will be selected by the National Team Coaching staff to be added to the National Team and represent the United States at Worlds.
  • The National Team Coaching staff will decide which qualifiers to Worlds will compete as Individuals and which will compromise the team in the team competition.

Throughout the remainder of the season, the National Team Coaching staff may in their discretion add up to 5 additional men and 5 additional women to the National Team for inclusion in National Team Camps, Activities, or representation at other internationally sanctioned events.